Wise Not Withered

Singing Therapist – BEATRICE

December 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to Week 23 of the Wise Not Withered Character Showcase! This week we are introducing Beatrice, our 45-year-old Singing Therapist! The writer for this character, Agatha, was actually the only one to reach out to me to join the project, which was pretty interesting from a creator's standpoint. I haven't done much at all in terms of promotion, so it was cool that someone somehow found out about the project and reached out.

Beatrice's character development was, as I mentioned in last week's episode, a joint effort by Agatha and me. My initial idea was to have a therapist character deal with some sort of intense grief in her own life, and struggle with a few relationships (yes, very intentionally vague). Agatha added in the aspect of music—specifically singing—as a way that Beatrice both copes with and finds her own voice, strength, and new perspective amidst the chaos of a distressing job and dissolving marriage.

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